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Grab a friend and discover winter like you’ve never experienced it before. Sno-Go requires no prior skiing or snowboarding experience. If you’re looking for a little assistance getting started, try one of our Resort Partners or link up with us on our Free Demo Tour. Here you will find all of the resources available to escape into the mountains this winter for a Sno-Go adventure.


The Adventure IO mobile app is the world's first and only professional adventure booking app that pairs adventure seekers with local athletes. Whether it's ripping the local favorite trails or getting assistance with limited accessibility, users can easily book a guided Sno-Go adventure.

Download to find a Sno-Go adventure near you. | Sno-Go Bikes


Align your winter vacation with one of our Demos to Try Sno-Go for FREE. Head over to our Demo Tour page and see when Sno-Go is coming to a local resort. Don't forget to RSVP to save time when you pick up your demo.

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Sno-Go really is that safe and easy to use.

Click below to learn about our resort safe technology that makes experiencing the entire mountain a breeze.

See How SNO-GO is Resort Safe.

Ready to Try SNO-GO for yourself?

Check out our Premier Partner Resorts who carry a fleet of SNO-GO’s for rent right on the mountain. 

You can also find a nearby SNO-GO friendly mountain and local retailer.

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