Blind Veteran Returns to the Slopes ON SNO-GO.

"I lost my sight on March 31, 2019 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after I gave in to my struggles with depression. I was an avid snowboarder when I could see, and I tried to get back into it after losing my sight, but I had no luck; constantly losing my sense of speed and direction, which always resulted in a hard crash. With the head injuries I've had in the past and the hardware that's installed in my head now, that's the last thing I need. I gave up on snowboarding and switched to skis for two days before I was introduced to a SNO-GO.

On my fourth lesson, my guide had me riding down black diamond runs untethered, only giving me commands at turns in a run, before I drop-in, and when I get close to the sides of a run. Other that, I do my own thing once I'm centered on a run. I can't begin to describe the feeling of independence and freedom my SNO-GO has given me, but know that it's brought great therapeutic value to my life, and has been instrumental in my progress towards recovery.

I think SNO-GO could be a game-changer for many others, just as it has been for me, and the impact that can have on someone's mental state is massive, and may be what someone needs to be able to take that next step towards recovery. If nothing else, please know that my SNO-GO has brought a lot of value to me at a time when I thought my life was over, so thank you.

Thanks for your time."



Photo Courtesy of: Frankie Paradise III


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