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While we initially create Sno-Go as a means to have a different kind of fun in winter, we soon realized Sno-Go is a lot more than just a fun way to get down the mountain. It's about creating memories and experiences with family and friends that will last a lifetime. With Sno-Go Bikes, it’s never been so easy to get the entire family on the slopes together. And that’s what we are most proud of; bringing families together.


“@jimmywalkerpga “I’ve been sitting on the sidelines too long in a world class ski family. Not anymore. Thank you @pcski for allowing them @snogobikeon the slopes!!!! I’ve watched people struggle with starting out (skiing) and I know how hard it is to get the hang of it.

This @snogobike was unreal and so intuitive. I was carving in 4 turns and never stopped. We went all over the mountain today.

This was first run above. Only got better!!! Thanks to father in law for his calls and Sno-Go owner and head of lift operations. First day allowed on mountain for a trike.”


Rick D’Ambrosio was born with a mild cerebral palsy that makes certain tasks and sports challenging. He spent decades of his life dreaming about skiing and has never had the opportunity to enjoy it, especially with his kids.

"With SNO-GO…I’m able to feel the excitement and the fun that I have been waiting to feel for 20 years. It's beyond anything I could have hoped for or imagined and I can't wait to get back out there!" - Rick


Stories like this are what it's all about. We’ve received dozens more via email and through social media. It really touches us to know we’re able to empower and connect so many with the ones they love. Please let us know if we’ve helped you or someone you love to enjoy winter. #Snogo or send us an email to, it means the world to us!

Thank you.

Sno-Go really is that safe and easy to use.

Click below to learn about our resort safe technology that makes experiencing the entire mountain a breeze.

See How SNO-GO is Resort Safe.

Ready to Try SNO-GO for yourself?

Check out our Premier Partner Resorts who carry a fleet of SNO-GO’s for rent right on the mountain. 

You can also find a nearby SNO-GO friendly mountain and local retailer.

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