Non-Winter Participant BECOMES Season Pass Holder ON SNO-GO.

An Open Letter to All:

My name is Bryan. I’m an Air Force Veteran originally from upstate New York, and despite mobility limitations, I manage to enjoy downhill mountain biking, off-road driving, and now riding my SNO-GO! For as long as I can remember, I’ve suffered from foot issues and disliked the cold and skiing, which dates back to the late 80’s while skiing with my family.

There are two stories my Dad tells which fuel my distaste for winter. 

First, my dad tells a story of New Year’s Day at Killington. I was less than ten years old. My boots did not fit properly and coupling that with my foot problems, the day was doomed from the start. While going up the chairlift for the second run, my dad recalls that my tears were flowing. By the time we made our way down to the mid mountain lodge to get my boots off, I had stage one frostbite on my feet - ice cold to the touch, pink, and painful. 

The second story occurred on my Dad's birthday during a very cold day at Whiteface. He tells the story of us taking a wrong turn, which led to a black diamond trail that I couldn’t navigate. So, I put my butt on the snow and “scooted” down. In the northeast, man-made snowmaking yields ice and firm trail conditions. My father said gravity took me for a scary and uncontrollable ride that ended our day.

I don’t remember these stories, only the hidden memories told through my dad’s eyes. But, as a child, they impacted my life and my not wanting any part of winter sports as I grew up. Then, to make matters worse, over the next 30 years I underwent four foot surgeries and had a rod and two screws installed in my left foot. Winter sports were just not on my radar.

In Summer of 2019, I first saw a SNO-GO on an aimless Youtube search for ski bikes. After watching many videos boasting the ease of use and short learning curve, I rolled the dice to spend the cash and get on board. 

That winter, on my first day snogoing at the mountain of Pajarito in New Mexico, I became hooked! The bike is AWESOME!! As someone who hated the cold, disliked the snow, and never thought I would step foot in a ski resort again, the joy I experienced blew my mind. I took two runs to get the mechanics down and then made small adjustments moving my body weight around, which added to the excitement and fun. SNO-GO’s are just as they say - easy to learn, smooth, and as mild or as wild as you want to make them!

After 30 years of hating winter I am now a season pass holder and I’m ready to put my pass to work! I’m not a pro, I’m not out there hucking it, but at least I’m out there! SNO-GO is an outstanding device. They are stable and fun. I believe anyone with a disability or injury who may not be able to ski or can no longer ski has to try SNO-GO out! 



~Bryan, NyNomad

Bryand Cook SNO-GO-5

PS. Please support Veterans with disabilities!

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