Livestream Announces Premier Partner Expansion Led By Shaun Cattanach

On July 14, 2020, SNO-GO held a private livestream event to announce their plans to expand their Premier Partner program now headed by 20 year industry veteran, Shaun Cattanach as SNO-GO's new Director of Resort Experience.

Shaun Cattanach joins the SNO-GO team following SNO-GO’s recent partnerships with SNOW Operating and the PSIA-AASI with deep ties to both organizations as well as the NSAA and SIA. Shaun brings over 20 years of experience primarily through his career growing Burton’s Learn To Ride snowboard program and resort partnerships all over the globe. As Director of Resort Experience, Shaun will lead the efforts with the Premier Partners and affiliates to facilitate integration of the programs and equipment.

“My life has revolved around a passion for snow sports and a legacy of disrupting our industry to help it grow through sustainable and profitable partnerships with those who invest in positive change. That passion has led to a career focused on growing participation, improving the resort experience for guests and creating more fun. I am excited to be part of the next big opportunity in snow sports and I’m also excited to help resorts offer an easy, new experience to their guests.”

- Shaun Cattanach

The Premier Partner program endured a short but powerful debut in the 2020 winter season backed by an online E-Learning course for ski and snowboard instructors under the PSIA-AASI. Over 220 ski and snowboard instructors completed this course and an estimated 4,000 new SNO-GO lessons were given in just eight weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic. Survey responses from Premier Partners further revealed that 85% of guests claimed they would return to the resort to ride a SNO-GO bike again, -a striking contrast compared to the known 19% return rate of first time skiers and snowboarders. “When it comes to SNO-GO, you have to throw your operational and safety concerns out the window… because the team at SNO-GO built a product that has already addressed all of them. You have to look at this as an educational opportunity which gets more people sliding and gliding on snow faster,” say Nick Herrin, CEO of the PSIA-AASI.

SNO-GO revealed these statistics and it’s plans to double the Premier Partner program during this livestream event which included attendees from several Vail Resorts, Copper Mountain, Stratton, Squaw Alpine and dozens of others.

Read the Full Press Release: CLICK HERE

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