These essential tips are all you need to know to begin riding a SNO-GO bike. 

6 Steps to Turning and Stopping

  1. 1. START slow on a beginner slope. Do not ride a chairlift until mastering the following. 
    2. DO NOT turn the handlebars to steer the bike.
  2. 3. KEEP the handlebars straight while applying weight to the front ski through your palms during turning and stopping
  3. 4. TO TURN: Lean on your left palm to turn left, Lean on your right palm to turn right. 
  4. 5. TO STOP: Exaggerate the motion of turning while slightly lifting your uphill foot to add pressure to your downhill foot.  
  5. 6. NEVER take your foot out of the binding while in motion.


COMMON MISTAKE: "Spinning out" is a result of sitting too far back and not putting enough weight on the handle bars. TIP - Don't squeeze the grips. Ride with your fists open to apply more weight through your palms, one hand at a time depending on which direction you are turning. 



  3. 1. STRADDLE the SNO-GO while scooting into the lift line and loading the lift.
  4. 2. NEVER load more than 1 rider less than lift Capacity. (ex. Quad Chair = Max 3 riders) and NEVER load with the SNO-GO to your side. 
  5. 3. TO LOAD: Place both feet on the ground outside of the bindings straddling the bike. 
  6. 4. SIT FIRST with fully extend arms and legs in front of the lift while loading.
  7. 5. ENSURE the chairlift hook is fully on the seat, keep one hand on the bike, and lower restraining bar.
  8. 6. TO UNLOAD: With arms fully extended, stand up after the ramp begins to decline placing one foot in the binding while pushing off with the other foot. 

COMMON MISTAKE: "Tripping Up" occurs when you pull the handlebars too close and the bindings disappear under the lift. TIP - Ask the lift attendant to slow the lift for your first go and remember to extend your arms and legs. 



Remember to wear a helmet and have fun!


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