Team Red Is Back

This summer we asked you, our loyal fans what color next year's model should be and an overwhelming number of requests came through asking for more TEAM RED.

At Sno-Go we aim to please, so TEAM RED it is. The Limited Edition TEAM RED features everything you’ll find on a regular Sno-Go bike but comes with a firey red matte finish and a Free Locking Leash upgrade.


We also did some hard thinking this summer and were able to figure out a way to build the same quality Sno-Go and get it to cost less…$250 LESS. Introducing our 2019-20 pricing; $1,449 of infinite winter shred bliss on all Sno-Go bikes including the Limited Edition Team Red.  

Traditionally companies are forced to sacrifice features and quality to achieve a lower price point, but at SNO-GO, we are committed to offering the highest quality products at the best price possible. With that, we decided to invest in our backend, improve efficiencies, increase volume, and pass down the savings we are experiencing to offer you; our friends, our fans, our tribe everything our customers have come to expect and love about SNO-GO Bikes at a lower price.  


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Riding A Sno-Go Skibike

Sno-Go really is that safe and easy to use.

Click below to learn about our resort safe technology that makes experiencing the entire mountain a breeze.

See How SNO-GO is Resort Safe.

Ready to Try SNO-GO for yourself?

Check out our Premier Partner Resorts who carry a fleet of SNO-GO’s for rent right on the mountain. 

You can also find a nearby SNO-GO friendly mountain and local retailer.

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