The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Ride SNO-GO Ski Bikes


When you can't agree on well... pretty much everything, there's only one answer. Go SNO-GOing!

With Heather Gay's friendship with Jen Shah back on track, some of the ladies get competitive while ski biking at Woodward, Park City. In no time, the ladies instructor "Coach David" gets them cruising on the Progression Park at Woodward specifically designed for helping new snow bikers get familiar with how a SNO-GO works. After a couple of giggle filled spills and laughs, they were all turning, stopping, and even catching some air on their first day!

Here are some of our favorite lines.

"Listen, I'm from Hawaii, ok? I'm not great at winter sports."

"Do I get special points for going backwards?"

"Lisa, C'mon jump over the mogul. If we die on the mountain, we're doing what we love. Ski biking!"

"SNO-GO Bitches!"







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